About Us

Maple Crest Horse Farm LLC is dedicated to the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. We take part in all sorts of activities such as trail rides, horse shows, therapeutic riding, horse day camps for children, breeding, boarding & all around love for the breed!


Terrance L. & Joyce M. Moyer

Joyce and Terry collectively have approximately 90 years of life experiences in the world of equines. We both started our riding skills on ponies, bareback with halters using bailing twine for reins. Finally we progressed to real size horses with actual tack. Our love is still horses, our concern is for their care and comfort.

Our instruction is based upon experience, common sense, natural horsemanship methods, safety foremost, and correct equitation for the performance level of the rider, horse, and choice of discipline.

We both are accredited instructors by and with TWHBEA. Joyce is also the state director for Ohio and holds an executive position for Marketing at the international level.

Maple Crest Horse Farm LLC
Castalia,Ohio 44824

Maple Crest Horse Farm LLC is located at 7009 Maple Ave in Castalia, OH. This website is kept up to date by and for the Maple Crest Family. We are a "family" of people who love and enjoy Tennessee Walking Horses. The farm is not only a boarding and riding facility it is a great place for horse lovers to come together to share with all the love of the breed. Feel free to email pictures you would like to have posted to mbarbour02@aol.com.