WHAO Summer Classic & Ohio Regional Futurity

Saturday, August 19, 2017


This show was held at the Ashland County Fairgrounds in Ashland, Ohio. So many memories have been created and enjoyed over the years at this facility. Just ask anyone who has competed here and smiles will grow while they share a story or two. This year was no different. We renewed relationships and friendly competitiveness during the battle for the elusive blue ribbon.

This WHAO show offered 62 classes of competition. The classes ranged from weanlings, yearlings onward through the gamut of more aged horses – walking, riding, and driving. Also presented were lead line classes and the famous stick horse.

Although the classes were competitive there were plenty of laughs and smiles to go around. Even in the preparation areas – forgot something needed to show – just ask about it and it would appear from someone. Everyone cheered and supported all others. What a great feeling of comradeship and acceptance was exhibited by all the horse people.

Even if you didn’t achieve a 1st place in your respective class, when the show finished you carried home a blue ribbon glow. What more could be asked from our horses and friendships?

Maple Crest carried three entries to the show – Dante (yearling), Gypsy (weanling), and Cashet (3 yr. old under saddle)

Once at the show we were joined by Shari Love and her weanling colt – Legacy’s Black Honor. In each class this foursome were fierce in their presentation. All four came to collect their due.

For the weanlings it was their very first show. Their owners collected many firsts of their own. Shari is a seasoned show person in the Paint Horse world but this was her first presentation for Walking Horses. So new rules and demands made for a learning experience. Her colt took it in stride and conducted itself admirably. Gypsy, with new owner Jillian Stokes, was a story unto herself. Neither Gypsy or Jillian had ever presented in a show ring previously. Both presented in a professional manner and came away with the blue ribbon. As the pair left the show ring I asked Joyce Marie what Jillian thought of the experience. I ws told Jillian’s smile couldn’t be any bigger and she was walking about 6 inches off the ground with happiness. Jillian danced in joy and Gypsy’s attitude reflected “Of course – why doubt?”


Congratulations to all:

Good Show                                        Good Performances

The Best:

Upbeat, Positive emotions to carry home!


P.S. If you see a string floating thru the air – grab it and pull down! It might be Jillian floating away.